On Beauty

Beauty of HospiceThe personal reflections shared by hospice volunteers on the Windows Within Project are unique gifts to humanity. The archive of these experiences encompasses moments of wisdom, connection and beauty. Hospice volunteer experiences also provide us with knowledge, a depth of spirituality, expanded awareness and understanding about life and the end of life. These gifts are made possible by the generosity of patients who open their hearts and “windows within” their souls, allowing us to learn important lessons about what it truly means to be human.

Bill Carpenter, Hosparus Volunteer

I know you are there and it makes a difference

Read all of Bill Carpenter’s,  Reflections

Sky Yeasayer, Hosparus Volunteer

The Inspiring Work of Caregivers

Read more of Sky Yeasayer’s Reflections Reflections II

Stephanie Lopez, Hospice of the Valley Volunteer

On Choosing Love
Read Stephanie Lopez’s Reflection

Diane Bykowski, Hospice of the Valley Volunteer

Angel Messenger
Read Diane Bykowski’s Reflection

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