Linda Clark, Reflection on a Couple Fulfilling Their Dream


Our Hospice Spotlight Volunteer Reflections are shared monthly. Reflections are stories of connection and meaning, presented in the volunteer’s own words. Here is Linda Clark’s Reflection.

A Couple Fulfills Their Dream

“One patient I can remember was a skilled card player—you would never want to play for money with her! Oftentimes, the staff would go into her room and play a quick hand.  I was usually there in the evenings.  But, during the days, her best friend and partner of 40 years would keep her company.  They were a lovely couple. Even though the patient was winding down toward the end of life, our social worker helped the two women fulfill their dream of marriage. It was the third wedding I had witnessed volunteering for hospice!

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The Room Transformed in Honor of the Couple

People came down from upstairs to celebrate; there were probably 50 people crowded into this little room.  We celebrated with a commitment ceremony held in a room decorated with candles and flower petals. My volunteer coordinator had even set up a wedding-like reception, complete with a head table for the couple. We all entered the room and greeted the two women and it was such a beautiful end.  The patient passed soon after, but she got what she’d always wanted.

I always reflect back upon how important that ceremony was for this patient and how little time and money it took to make that dream come true.  This is important to remember– that sometimes it doesn’t take a huge amount to change a life.  These two women were together for 40 years, and we changed the trajectory of their life at the very end.”

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Author: Mary York

Mary is a volunteer for Hosparus of Louisville and the Founder of the Windows Within Project.

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